The MYRON clinic is a brand new well established private clinic, founded in 2014 . Like any other health Institution in Tunisia, its healthcare policies are implemented and strictly monitored by the ministry of health, which gave Tunisia an international recognition of high quality healthcare.


Myron International Clinic is a brand new multidisciplinary medical-surgical clinic with a capacity accommodation of 60 rooms, 20 ICU beds, 10 day hospital beds spread on 6 floors.

The Clinic is equipped with the latest technology and modern facilities enabling high levels of quality and safety, including several perfectly-equipped operating theatres and an intensive care unit.

Founded in 2015, MYRON INTERNATIONAL CLINIC is located in the heart of the beautiful business and residential area of Lake II in Tunis, just a 10-minutes drive from Tunis Carthage International Airport. Nearby, the lovely village of Sidi Bou Said and the well-Known ruins of Carthage.

The Myron International Clinic became the ultimate destination for major surgical procedures with a high standard service quality.

The clinic sets itself high standards :
highly qualified surgeons, doctors and specialists

  • caring and competent nurses
  • Treatments using the most modern techniques
  • The most sophisticated medical devices
  • The most sophisticated medical devices
  • Sophisticated infrastructure
  • A nice location and easy access
  • Luxurious , comfortable and well equipped rooms
  • An input capacity of 59 rooms, 130 beds
  • Single rooms with bathroom
  • An accessible service 24 hours a day